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Our workshops...

The Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm explained at last!

Our latest workshop "All About Arabic for Programmers" contains the first ever user-oriented explanation of the behavior of the Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm (UBA).

Indeed, the official specification for the UBA, provided in Unicode Standard Annex #9, is targeted towards implementers of the UBA. It rigorously describes the algorithm as a sequence of transformations. While each transformation is simple enough, their cumulative effect on any given data is very unclear. Until now, there has never been a clear explanation of how the bidi algorithm should actually behave, of what users should expect when editing bidirectional text.

Thanks to our new workshop, simple questions can now have simple answers. For example:

  • How do neutrals and numbers behave in language insertions?
  • How do European and Arabic-Indic numbers behave?
  • What is the different numeric behavior between Arabic and Hebrew text?
  • How do the + and - signs behave in bidirectional text?

Stop the Bleeding!

If your developers are not aware of internationalization issues, every day that goes by, every new line of code written is moving you further away from your global product. Globalization costs are increasing, as is time-to-market; act now!