eLearning: any time, any place, any pace!

eLearning means you no longer have to interrupt your busy developer's schedules, and fly some of them over for a three-day session in some conference room. The benefits are numerous:

  • Developers can take the workshop at their own pace, working around their busy schedule
  • No travel expenses (for the instructor or for your developers)
  • Automated attendee certification (quizzes after each chapter)
  • New employees can be trained as part of the onboarding process
  • Employees already trained can refresh their knowledge when needed

All About Internationalization

Our foundational workshop All About Internationalization is now available in eLearning format on our Moodle site.

The workshop contains a significant amount of information. It comprises 623 slides in 13 chapters; the duration is roughly 12 hours. Several companies have chosen to make this a mandatory part of their employee onboarding.

Sample Videos

The videos below are samples from each of the 13 chapters of the All About Internationalization workshop.


All About Arabic for Programmers

Our workshop All About Arabic for Programmers is currently being converted to eLearning format. So far, six chapters have been converted and a specialized tool - the Unicode Bidi Test Bench or UBTB - has been developed. This interactive tool is designed to provide maximum clarity and understanding when explaining the Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm.

Sample Videos

The videos below include the UBTB tutorial and samples from the first six chapters of the All About Arabic for Programmers workshop.


Other workshops

Our other workshops will also be converted to eLearning format; stay tuned!