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Internationalization re-engineering is ultimately completely pervasive, yet stepwise strategies remain possible and very cost effective. More...


Training, Consulting and On-Site Development

Web sites? Shrink-wrap software? Embedded systems? Our consultants are proven experts that will help your developers, testers and managers understand globalization requirements. Standard and custom workshops (1-3 days) are offered on-site, along with any extra consulting you may require. Click here for more information on our workshop.

All About Internationalization in self-paced eLearning form

Our core workshop on internationalization "All About Internationalization" is now available in a self-paced eLeaning format, with automated quizzes and certification. Several organizations have made this a mandatory training for all their developers as part of employee onboarding.

This workshop is highly visual and intuitive, and covers internationalization at introductory, intermediate and advanced levels. It will prepare your staff for all aspects of an internationalization project. They will know the issues, they will know the pitfalls and they will know the solutions. The workshop will provide them with a clear understanding of industry best practices, how to apply them and what their benefits are. In particular, all attendees will share a common terminology which is the most critical ingredient to enable clarity of design, good communication and true understanding.

This is our most popular workshop; it has been regularly refined, expanded and improved for almost 20 years.

Free webinars

Two short webinars have been produced jointly with CIDIF (Centre International pour le Développement de l'Inforoute en Français - the International Center for the Development of the Internet in French). These webinars are composed of slides extracted from our introductory workshop "All About Internationalization".

  • For a short 12-minute webinar on globalization, click here.
  • For a brief 22-minute webinar on the impact of language on software, click here.
Stop the Bleeding!

If your developers are not aware of internationalization issues, every day that goes by, every new line of code written is moving you further away from your global product. Globalization costs are increasing, as is time-to-market; act now!  More...

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