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Evaluating Globalization Management Systems
What They Are, What They Should Be, How They Compare

New Content!

  • New systems covered include STAR, Convey, LTC (& Trados, GlobalSight, IDIOM,...)
  • Are GMS suitable for translation agencies?
  • How much workflow technology is really required?
  • What constitutes an "enterprise" translation memory?
  • and more...


Maintaining a successful continuously evolving web site in multiple languages can be a daunting task. Modern Content Management Systems (CMS) help manage the creation, editing and deployment of content; however, most CMS do not satisfy the requirements for translation and multilingual deployment.

Enter the Globalization Management System (GMS) vendors who propose automated translation workflow technologies that can interface a CMS and help you keep several sites running and up to date in all languages. These technologies detect content needing translation and route it to the appropriate translators, dtp specialists, editors, testers, in a cost effective manner. Originally targeted at Web content, these technologies are now becoming globalization platforms for any content, anywhere in the enterprise.

GMS are expensive and complex. They require custom installation: CMS interfacing, training, custom workflow definition, etc. The set-up costs can be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Even more important is the on-going cost of translation that can be much higher ($millions) and that varies significantly from one GMS to another.

The GMS vendor should be viewed as a long-term partner; choosing the right one is an important decision. Unfortunately, the vendors have different business models, different terminology, different ways of describing (or not describing) their products. Comparing them is extremely difficult.

To defog the view on the GMS landscape, the workshop introduces a generic GMS reference model that illustrates the major components and functions of these systems and how they interact. With the model well understood a detailed GMS evaluation framework is reviewed and applied to several commercial GMS solutions. Examples provided relate the GMS model to actual systems in use today. The workshop concludes with an insightful discussion of the most significant, topical and current GMS issues that will affect your business.

This workshop will clarify the differences between the GMS and show you how to choose the right GMS for your needs. It will help you save money by achieving your objectives better and faster.

Who will benefit from this workshop and why?

If you expect your Web site to go global and you don't have a CMS, take this opportunity to integrate globalization requirements up-front and select the best CMS+GMS pair for your needs!


      Interested in...

  • The successful deployment of multilingual web sites can be critical to your business success; in E-Commerce, it IS your business
  • How much will it cost?
  • Is the technology overkill for your current needs?
  • Is the technology mature enough?
International Directors
  • Discover your globalization options
Localization Managers
  • The impact of GMS on translation costs
  • The complexity of managing the whole process
Program and Project Managers
  • Identify key process steps, deliverables and milestones
  • Monitor translation status: work done, work to go, bottlenecks, etc
Marketing and Product Managers
  • Develop a detailed understanding of how your web solutions are brought to market
  • Supported languages and content types
Webmasters and Developers
  • Understand globalization workflow
  • Organize your web development effort
  • How seamlessly and quickly will it integrate with your Web site?
Translation Agencies
  • Your customers will come to you when they consider a GMS; they will want your expertise
  • determine which GMS works best for you
  • will you need to change translation tool?
  • what are the benefits of online translation tools
Documentation/Content Managers
  • Learn about the importance of preparing documents suitable for translation
  • Support and impact of different content types
Testing Managers
  • Learn key testing milestones and methods throughout the globalization process

About i18N workshops

At i18N Inc., we are committed to providing a high-quality learning experience. We design all of our workshops based on the following principles:

  • visual & intuitive: tables, graphics, animation & video provide extreme clarity
  • lots of content: rich, relevant content; our handouts can serve as reference
  • abstract models: we consider the forest first, then the trees (then the bugs!)
  • no sales pitch: our only sales pitch is the quality of our workshops

"Over the past ten years, LISA has provided numerous workshops on a variety of topics. Pierre has provided the highest quality Internationalization, and Web-Globalization workshops at our conferences and is the best rated workshop instructor we have" -- Michael Anobile, Director, LISA (www.lisa.org).

About Pierre Cadieux

Pierre Cadieux is the technology editor for the LISA newsletter and the president of i18N Inc. (www.i18n.ca), a firm specializing in internationalization training and consulting. He also teaches internationalization at University of Montreal. Pierre has over twenty years experience in the industry; his globalization experience covers embedded systems, shrink-wrap software and Web sites.

Formerly VP Technology at Alis Technologies Inc., he pioneered the transparent handling of Arabic and Hebrew languages and created the core bi-directional technology licensed by Microsoft. At Alis, he designed the internationalization strategy for all products, including the TANGO multilingual Web browser. He has sat on CSA and ISO committees on character sets and multilingual data coding.

As Director of Localization Technology at Bowne Global Solutions, he carried out research and analysis on multilingual Web sites and published the first generic model of Globalization Management Systems.

As a freelance consultant, Pierre is often sought after to consult and to train on these issues as well as traditional software internationalization. He can be reached at pcadieux@i18n.ca.

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