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Introduction to Translation Management Systems
Globalization Technology for Web sites, Software and Documents

Many companies today have started using Content Management Systems (CMS) to help manage the creation, editing and deployment of content, particularly for large Web sites. Most CMS, however, do not satisfy the requirements for translation and multilingual deployment. When the need for another tool to help manage translation becomes apparent, they will consult you, the translation vendor, for TMS expertise.

Translation Management Systems (TMS) are sophisticated systems designed to help manage the translation process. Main features include connectors that interface CMS (or other content repositories), centralized translation memory management, automated workflow, project management interfaces, work distribution, etc.

The connectors are particularly interesting because they connect to any source material in your customer's systems, automatically detect change, send you the content to be translated and deliver the translated results back to the customer, all automatically. Imagine a continuous pipeline of work between you and your customer!

Customers also benefit from TMS due to better visibility and control over the totality of their translation requirements, as well as better visibility into translation projects as they are being executed.

This workshop presents a generic TMS reference model that illustrates the major components and functions of these systems and how they interact. Using the model, the main features of GlobalSight, IDIOM, LTC, SDL and TRADOS are presented.

Whether you need to buy a TMS, or recommend one to your customers, or simply choose one to work with as a translator, this workshop will clarify the differences between the TMS and show you how to choose the right TMS for your needs.

Who will benefit from this workshop and why?


      Interested in...

Translation Agencies
  • Are TMS good for your business?
  • Which TMS should you choose or recommend?
  • Features of online & offline translation tools
  • TMS integration with TRADOS
  • Project management capabilities
  • The successful deployment of multilingual web sites can be critical to your business success; in E-Commerce, it IS your business
  • How much will it cost?
  • Are TMS overkill for your current needs?
  • Are TMS mature enough?
International Directors
  • Discover your globalization options
Localization Managers
  • The impact of TMS on translation costs
  • The complexity of managing the whole process
Webmasters and Developers
  • Understand globalization workflow
  • Organize your web development effort
  • How seamlessly and quickly will it integrate with your Web site?

About i18N workshops

At i18N Inc., we are committed to providing a high-quality learning experience. We design all of our workshops based on the following principles:

  • visual & intuitive: tables, graphics, animation & video provide extreme clarity
  • lots of content: rich, relevant content; our handouts can serve as reference
  • abstract models: we consider the forest first, then the trees (then the bugs!)
  • no sales pitch: our only sales pitch is the quality of our workshops

"Over the past ten years, LISA has provided numerous workshops on a variety of topics. Pierre has provided the highest quality Internationalization, and Web-Globalization workshops at our conferences and is the best rated workshop instructor we have" -- Michael Anobile, Director, LISA (www.lisa.org).

About Pierre Cadieux

Pierre Cadieux is the technology editor for the LISA newsletter and the president of i18N Inc. (www.i18n.ca), a firm specializing in internationalization training and consulting. He also teaches internationalization at University of Montreal. Pierre has over twenty years experience in the industry; his globalization experience covers embedded systems, shrink-wrap software and Web sites.

Formerly VP Technology at Alis Technologies Inc., he pioneered the transparent handling of Arabic and Hebrew languages and created the core bi-directional technology licensed by Microsoft. At Alis, he designed the internationalization strategy for all products, including the TANGO multilingual Web browser. He has sat on CSA and ISO committees on character sets and multilingual data coding.

As Director of Localization Technology at Bowne Global Solutions, he carried out research and analysis on multilingual Web sites and published the first generic model of Globalization Management Systems.

As a freelance consultant, Pierre is often sought after to consult and to train on these issues as well as traditional software internationalization. He can be reached at pcadieux@i18n.ca.

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